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How can you appreciate a man who’s not good in bed? Woman complains to Maina

The conversation today touched on International Men’s Day. Maina Kageni was interested at whether Kenyan men were underappreciated, an issue that I believe we don’t talk enough about. Thank you, Maina for bringing it up.

The comments came hard and fast with the sentiment split along gender lines. The men felt like they weren’t appreciated that much while the women felt that only men who treat women well should be appreciated.

Some of those comments are below:

It’s so unfortunate that when it comes to men’s day, we get rejection instead of being embraced.

Absolutely true a woman will only appreciate a man who treats her well!!

Sasa hawa wanaume wanataka zawadi? We want to celebrate them but they have failed.

Mimi bibi yangu anapatanga notification ya birthday yangu kwa Facebook otherwise hajui.

I want to appreciate my husband he is such a nice man and he treats me very well.

This a day to celebrate Men na sio makasiriko… ladies

I’m here to support men and say that we should be celebrated ama namna gani

We’re all about supporting each other

Kama kuna gender yenye hainanga shughuli ni hii yenye inavaa skirt

Tuko tu sawa na mathikati zetu

Men are not to be appreciated. A foundation of a house is hidden, no one sees it, no one knows how much works it does in holding the house together. We will only appreciate the roofing, the wall paints, the décor, floor tiles etc but never foundation. MEN just be the foundation!

Today am celebrating my brother he has been there for me lazima hii weekend he go out 

How can you appreciate someone who is not good in bed because that is what I left my home to come for!

Very and that’s why they’ve lost hope in their women.

Of course.. boyshaud is always undersiege 

…like you are a lady mscheeeeeew…Lakini

Do these ladies bring food on your table? 

You have teamed up with ladies to underappreciate your fellow men.

Experience is the best teacher wewe hujui vile nimekipitia na hawa creatures wengine

Tricky question Maina just paraphrase it pls 

Why are you against Men? MAINA I lack Words.

Very much

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