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App created to help alcoholics

A smartphone app has been launched by an Australia-based not-for-profit movement Hello Sunday Morning to help alcoholics fight their alcohol dependence.

The app is designed to evaluate your drinking habits to assess how healthy, harmful or dangerous they may be. The idea is to take a break from drinking and spend your Sunday morning doing something else. Users can then post about their hangover-free activity on the app.

The app also challenges you to complete alcohol-free activities, such as sober karaoke, drink-free dating and being the designated driver when you’re out with your friends.

Chris Raine of Hello Sunday Morning said the new app helped educate and give power to people. With the app, people can find straightforward and timely advice on their phones.

Experts believe that the app will flourish because it helps generate awareness about people’s own habits, and helps people conveniently check their health with their smartphones.


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