Apostle Karanja, Paul and Joyce

‘People don’t know whether she is dark or brown, tall or short’Might these be the real reason why Nakuru pastor canceled a wedding worth 1 million

The congregation ululated when Apostle Jesse Karanja announced the wedding of Joyce Waithera and her fiance Paul Waithaka.

On Sunday October 28, Paul performed his usual duties in church as a translator and as Paul walked to the pulpit, Apostle Jesse asked about his bride and was disappointed with the response.

“Sasa hata Sunday ya mwisho jameni (even on the last Sunday before your wedding the bride is not here)?” asked the man of God who then turned to the congregation posing the question on whether they knew her.

Kenyans react after a Nakuru pastor refuses to officiate a 1 million wedding in Nakuru

He then added

“People don’t know whether she is dark or brown, tall or short. But don’t worry. It is all about your happiness,”

Apostle Jesse then went ahead to introduce Paul to the congregation before granting him permission to spend the night in the compound on the eve of his big day so that “he doesn’t get to the ceremony late.”

“Paul is one of my armour bearers and has been here for a long time as a translator, and we are very ready for the wedding which means service to God will be perpetuated,” he said while

And you women, if there is something you are still demanding from the bridegroom, say it before Wednesday. I don’t want such issues to delay the ceremony. I won’t even preach on that day, but will only see you exchange vows,” Apostle Jesse added.

The couple has not opened up on the way forward a they try coming to terms with the cancellation.

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