Apart from Saumu Mbuvi, here are other celebs who dated abusive partners

Some celebrities have been brave enough to share insights of being in abusive marriages/ relationships and the effect it had on them.

Below is the list

1. Saumu Mbuvi

The daughter on Nairobi governor Mike Sonko revealed she was in an abusive relationship with her baby daddy Ben Gatu.
Saumu Mbuvi revealed on national radio that Gatu would oftentimes get physical.

Saumu got pregnant for Gatu at 21 years old and she said the relationship wasn’t rosy.

She said she rushed to make decisions yet she was warned and never listened.

We started as friends and dated for nine months and we broke up when I was heavily pregnant.

He used to beat me and after sharing with pals I went to my dad and I told him I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told him ‘I know I have wronged you and accepted me back as a father.

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2. Idah Alisha

The celebrated Kenyan actress who became famous during her stint on the Citizen TV show Mother-In-Law divorced her husband after he became violent.

Alisha says that the violence started with a slap then developed to verbal abuse.

He was great. The first year was fantastic and then he started  becoming abusive.

The first time he slapped me I was like ‘It must be this mouth’ (She said while pointing to her mouth).


Ida Aisha and her ex-husband

I must have said something reckless that made him angry and we make excuses like he doesn’t act like that.

He said sorry and we moved on. I never told anyone especially because my life was in the limelight.


She continued,

There was a scenario that happened in my life.

I remember there was a time he was standing in the same position my dad stood over my mum. That is when I told myself ‘ This man was gonna kill me one day and that’s when I left.


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3. Doreen Majala

News anchor Doreen Majala accused her husband, Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi of assaulting her in February 2018.

The assault began after the MP brought in a 16 year old lady and requested she stays in our house since he was paying for her education.

Majala told the court that the girl disrespected her on several occasions.

On the day she was assaulted, Doreen had confronted the girl in the kitchen for dressing indecently.

‘My husband hit me on the face with the phone and continued punching me until I screamed for help’ She added

Doreen Majala
Doreen Majala with her ex, Gideon Mulyungi

4. Lilian Muli

Citizen TV reporter Lilian Muli divorced her ex-husband Moses Njuguna Kanene over allegations that he was abusive.

The two had tied the knot in 2014.

After cheating allegations from both parties, it recently emerged that Kanene may have been abusive to the Citizen TV senior news anchor.

 I have totally stolen this coz so many people need to read this. Many of us stay in dysfunctional relationships because we are afraid of being alone, we even get used to the abuse.

Don’t allow yourself to become a victim you have options! Walk away. She posted


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6. Nicah the Queen

Gospel artiste Nicah had in the past hinted at being abused by her now ex-husband Dr Ofweneke.

Taking to her Instagram Nicah wrote


Domestic violence is such a bad thing. I had to walk away … I had to run, Yes I am a single mother of two and I know God will watch over me and my kids.

 Dr Ofweneke, however, said the accusations of domestic violence in his marriage with the gospel artiste were not true.

 I have never talked about it .First of all I must say this on national TV, If there was a woman I respect so much and I tell her everyday because we talk.

My ex wife and I have become the best of friends.

Nicah the Queen and Dr Ofweneke

Considering if there was domestic violence or not , A time its never what it looks like . So many things can be labeled at someone, they can be true or not true.

Later on she wrote me a very long text and she apologized and I apologized back. I wasn’t a very perfect husband or father , I had my faults ‘ Said Dr Ofweneke.

7. JB Masanduku and Tina Kaggia

JB Masanduku was accused of abusing his ex-wife Tina Kaggia whenever he downed bottles of alcohol.

He, however, denied the claims stating he’d never do anything to hurt Tina.

Tina Kaggia JB Masanduku

8. Jane Mukami

Celebrated Kenyan fitness and body building coach was also in an abusive relationship.

In a candid post, Jane Mukami had posted how her ex’s abusive character pushed her to divorce him, something that led her to sink into depression.

Jane wrote,

I had walked away from my marriage and the divorce was finalized. Some days , I wondered if maybe I should have forgiven my ex-husband and tried to make things work one more time.

Other days I knew I did the right thing by walking away from domestic violence/ domestic abuse.

Jane Mukami

She sought solace in food and years later she started the group ’21 days of change’ that helps with weight loss and all things nutrition.


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