Antony Ndiema

Antony Ndiema opens up about his son fighting autism as he turns five

Antony Ndiema is a father of three, something that he is proud of, yet becoming a father has not been easy since his wife went through complications during delivery.

He is married to the beautiful Neno Ndiema, the mother of his children, but the birthday of his son has brought back painful memories of how his son overcame autism.

Celebrating his son’s birthday Ndiema wrote

“Joshua Kalya Ndiema celebrates his 5th Birthday today. This boy is a testament that we serve a miracle working God.

Early morning of 10th July 2013, my wife @nenohndiema complains of continuous pains. She is due in about three weeks. The pains persist and therefore we have to leave for hospital. At some point we had to break a myriad of traffic rules to get her to Nairobi Hospital before it was too late.

At the hospital it’s discovered that the placenta had been detached from the uterus a condition known as placental abruption.

The small guy inside was losing out on oxygen fast and there was internal bleeding. I remember our gynae (amazing guy) telling me ‘pray Anthony, pray.”

Antony Ndiema with his wife
Antony Ndiema with his wife

Ndiema goes on to explain what transpired after his wife delivered;

“@nenohndiema is then rushed in for an emergency CS and glad all went well. In the following months and years Joshua develops slow milestones which we did not realize until later when we noticed that he could not utter a word way after his peers had spoken.

At 4 years he had not said a thing and would retreat to his own space most of the time. It became an issue of concern and we had to seek out the medical specialists. One declared he was autistic, another said he had ADHD and another neurological issues.

Infact one of the health practitioners indicated that we might need to consider learning sign language for Joshua’s sake. It was quite overwhelming!”

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Ndiema concludes by stating that after prayers by close friends, God intervened and the boy recovered and was eventually able to speak.

He says

“On a day like this last year we gathered our close friends and went to St. Julian’s in Limuru to pray and declare greatness in this young man’s life. We also changed his middle name coz it had some not so interesting spiritual connotations. Few weeks later on a Saturday morning, Joshua comes to our room and coherently says 7 different words back to back. We broke down in awe of what God had done 🙏🙏

Today, we can have a conversation with him albeit small scale. He keeps getting better everyday. 

He is in school and is a jovial, loving and caring boy. 
We continue speaking greatness  to this amazing soldier. 
Happy birthday Joshua😍”

Clearly Joshua is a miracle baby and as he celebrates his birthday, we wish him Gods blessings.

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