Another One? Octopizzo Flies Out To Celebrate His Daughter’s Birthday

Octopizzo is a household name and he has gone far and beyond to prove that his music is among the dopiest, not only regionally but internationally too.

Hailing from Kibera, he has made sure that even though he is now a mega star, he won’t leave behind his hood, as he has done quite a lot for the people of Kibera, through different organizations.

Well, many people have always wondered how many kids does Octo has as he shares photos of his kids on social media.


A while back he was asked how many kids he has and he went ahead to state that the number doesn’t really matter, and the only thing that matters is that he loves them unconditionally.

Well, he has introduced yet another cute little angel, Akinyi, as she celebrated her birthday. Because of all the love he has for her, he flew out to Berlin to celebrate the milestone.

No one knew his daughter Akinyi, but as we all know Octo is one man is full of surprises.

He took to social media to share an adorable photo of the angel with caption, “Is a Furahiday with my amazing Miss Akinyi. Happy Soul, Blessed is an understatement. My daughters Rock!!

Here’s the beautiful photo of the two:

Octopizzo and Akinyi

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