Anita Nderu

Anita Nderu responds to critics after receiving hate for coming out as a LGBTQ member

Anita Nderu has been in the news today after news that she had finally come out of the closet as a member of the LGBTQ movement.

While some Kenyans appreciated her bold declaration, others weren’t as happy and unleashed the inevitable torrent of disdain.

One of the critiques was that she wanted kids and still be in a same-sex relationship, with Kenyans surgically describing to Anita the process involved in having kids.

To them, two ladies cannot have children – and since most continue to assume that she is a member of the LGBTQ movement then there is no way pregnancy will happen!

Will Anita Nderu coming out as LQBTQ member help the movement?

Others asked what had happened between her and her long-time boyfriend, DJ Sunman. Some others also stated it was UnAfrican for Anita to be a proponent of LGBTQ rights.

Anyway responding to the criticism through her Instagram account; the 30-year-old kept cool and responded with the simple and classy, “Niko tu.”

In the past Anita had said that she does not see herself getting married, she also said she would only get kids when she was ready. “Whatever greatness lies ahead! I love you to bits and pieces! happy 30th @sunmannagram.”

Just months ago (June 2020) she had taken to her social media to celebrate her boyfriend DJ Sunman.

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