“Angenimurder” Girl, 13 recalls dad beating her like a burukenge over bhangi

A 19-year old girl has recalled how drug use 6 years ago, nearly led to a brush with death after her father beat her like a dog.

She recounted how her use of bhangi at the tender age of 13 was like a path to destruction and how the beating helped her correct her ways.

She told Maina in a conversation about parents not disciplining kids these days that she was rebellious and regularly beaten.

“Wah let me tell you Maina. I was so rebellious, but ile kupigwa nimepigwa yani I don’t know I would just find myself doing wrong things. but ile kupigwa nilipigwa haipitangi 50 per cent,”

She turned to drugs because of peer pressure at 13 years and didn’t have a care in the world.

“I can remember in class 8 I tried something stupid, with boys and drugs and I was in class 8 at the time. in a public school. Weuh my dad found out and gave me kicks and blows, and remember I was 13, he didn’t beat me with a stick, he reigned kicks and blows, that beating Maina I vowed never to do drugs again coz of the beating, I can never do drugs again, bhangi ikae”

Husband-beats-4-months-pregnant-wife-to-deathShe added that that was a life lesson for her and what she will do going forward

“I am 19 like I said and I want a child by the time I turn 22 years, and I promise that I will discipline them. According to how I am planning my life I want to have a child in the next two years, but I haven’t identified the father yet, I’m still in school and I believe I will have a job and get a child, but huyo mtoto I will beat the daylights out of them asiniletee ujinga,”

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