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MaryaPrude shares never seen before photo of her beautiful baby bump

MaryaPrude, the ex-wife of Willis Raburu made one of the most emotional Mother’s Day posts yesterday. The lady, who famously lost her baby girl as a stillbirth, revealed never seen before images of herself while pregnant.

She also did so while delivering a message to all “Angel Moms”. In her message, Ms. Prude spoke fondly about all mothers who have lost their kids either through; a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, medical reasons or illness.

She wrote;

Happy Mother’s Day to all Angel Moms.

Moms to whom baby’s were still born.

Moms who lost their baby in an ectopic pregnancy

Moms who lost their baby through a miscarriage

Moms who had to end their pregnancy due to medical reasons

Moms who lost their ill child

Moms who lost their child

Happy Mother’s Day 🌹🌺🌸🌼

Most of her fans and followers were quick to commiserate with her especially after such a poignant and emotional confession.

Is it to Willis Raburu? Read Maryaprude’s mature message about a past relationship

Marya and Willis Raburu lost their daughter named Adana back in January 2020, an incident that took a toll on the two.

Marya has come a long with since the death, constantly using her social media page to express her feelings and emotions.

Like in October last year, Marya jot down a beautiful message to her late daughter Adana saying “I want to tell every person in the whole world about you. I carry my daughter in my heart. I want to tell every person in the whole world about you. I want the moon to know how I Love you. The stars to know how I Adore you.The Sun to know how I will always Miss you.”

Maybe her releasing this never-before-seen photo is a sign that she healing from the tragedy.


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