Anerlisa to Alikiba-Your song has lied to so many people

Anerlisa Muigai thinks Alikiba’s hit song ‘Utu’ has lied to many people and left them disappointed. The track is a love ballad from Alikiba’s latest album Only One King.

Anerlisa shared the song’s ‘best’ hook which says;

“Niliforce kujificha kule kumbe chaka langu ni hapa, sasa napewa amani mapenzi yasiyo na mipaka, ananikanda huku mabegani anashika na hapa, massage mgongoni yananilevya makopa” (I forced myself to stay in the past not knowing I belong here, right now I’m experiencing peace and love, she massages my shoulders and touches me here…)

Anerlisa then wrote;

“But this song has lied to many people only to be disappointed in the end. Shaking my head.”

In the song, Kiba speaks about how he’s in love with a woman that he can fight and kill someone for. He praises her saying he sees a future with her as life with her is sweeter.

The music video has already garnered 7.7 million views on Youtube. The audio is at 900K views on Youtube.

The Music Video was shot at Horombo Huts in Mount Kilimanjaro (3700m above the sea), Lake Duluti Arusha, Tanzania, and Fun Retreat Hotel.

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