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Justified Anerlisa Muigai eviscerates troll who called her lonely

Anerlisa Muigai is one of the richest Kenyans alive. The daughter of the Keroche Breweries founders had lived the life of ostentatious wealth and luxury so much so that some Kenyans have resorted to attacking Miss Muigai.

Some of those Kenyans assume that because of the riches she has, that she should be happy-going against a well-worn phrase, “The rich also cry”, which Anerlisa has probably done over the years.

In a recent interaction, the 333-year-old had to deal with a fan’s incendiary insinuation that she should be happy because she was wealthy.

Anerlisa had posted a photo in gym clothes, with her caption explaining that she had just come from a morning run. “Morning. After morning run,” she wrote.

From the photo, one could see the Nero Water Company CEO leaning on the hood of a Range Rover while wearing Nike running shoes.

‘Nobody knows me,’ Anerlisa confesses to posting misleading stories to her fans

But some people see black in white and one of the commentators to her post accused Miss Muigai of being lonely, saying, “Rich but lonely! Money can’t buy happiness,” he wrote.

But Miss Muigai who has lost a sister and dissolved a marriage in the space of one year wasn’t playing around and went all Berserker rage on the troll.

“It does ***** and that is what you convince your miserable self? Pathetic,” she wrote. The followers of Ben Pol’s ex-wife came to her aid and called out the man supporting her nuclear response to the troll.

I for one can’t blame her for her response. If someone decides to come to my page to talk nonsense after I have posted something so innocent and innocuous then that person is asking for war!

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