Anerlisa Muigai before and after weightloss

Anerlisa Muigai announces decision to personally help women lose excess

Anerlisa Muigai is not new in the limelight especially for her tremendous weightloss journey which totally transformed her.

Like many women she has had her own struggles battling excess weight which made her make an option of losing it .

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Anerlisa before and after weight loss
Anerlisa before and after weight loss

Anerlisa has made a decision of helping other women lose weight and to regain their self esteem back.This she announced through her Instagram page.

She wrote,

“I would like to select 5 people who feel they are struggling with weight. These 5 people will ask me questions to do with weight and will have a healthy meal with me. I will also help them personally to lose weight. All the questions and answers will be recorded on camera so that we share with others going through the same struggles.

So give your reasons as to why you think you deserve can also nominate people you think deserve this chance. The ones that touch me the most and the ones with the most likes will be picked.

I not only want to help people lose weight I want to give them confidence too. I will also share alot of tips in my App that is almost ready.”

Her keen followers did not delay in nominating themselves and their friends with some giving heart breaking stories of what excess weight has done to them and why they wanna lose it .

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With the many responses that are coming through Anerlisa might have to increase her target number to more than 5 to reach out to more women.

Here are some of the responses she got on announcing her decision

_yatinafsi_Hey Anerlisa.You have been a real inspiration for me to lose weight but am struggling abit. My name is Shakina Yatinafsi. I am 18 and I cleared high school last year.My weight has been a problem for me from my early childhood and it has caused me so much pain. I have been fat shamed all through high school but most of the pain came from home and people close to me. Many times I think of ending it all but am too scared.I have been on countless diets and at some point I was even starving myself.


hillary_kosgey_Please help out the overweight Embu MCAs!! They’ve allocated themselves monies from the coffers to get gym services…

arry_kimari: Hey gal Mine is simple Anerlisa… A guy I was dating texted his fren “ahh Shiko ni haga tu na tumbo will just hit it n on to the next” just imagine what that text made me feel made me have insecurities that I never ever thought I would have

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annwangoI have been overweight since birth. I weigh 110kgs. For the past 6 years, I’ve been on a weightloss journey that has come with some success and some failure. I embraced and still embrace the journey though. Atleast I completely cut out sugar out of my life during the journey. My problem right now is my poor mindset. I give in to my cravings a lot and not working out. I’m really afraid that I won’t be able to be disciplined and consistent during this journey. I can hear my heart crying out because of the excess fat in my blood vessels. I’m all cried out and desperately need help. Please help me @anerlisa

shlynnyamburaHelp me lose weight like its sad coz my three year old calls me kinono,at 23 I feel like am at 50.I don’t hang out with people coz I don’t find anything good to wear,i dont get into relationship coz i feel like no one will show me off to his friends..I need your help

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