Anerlisa before and after weight loss

‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls

Anerlisa Muigai has been a victim of body shaming, something that she doesn’t appreciate given that she has put much effort to lose weight.

She has never shied away from talking about her struggle with weight and the process of losing it with those who care to listen.

Taking to social media, she has expressed how she doesn’t like it when people comment that she is fat. She went on to say that she’s human just like everyone else and the mean words really hurt her.

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She wrote,

You should be very careful what you say to others. I do not appreciate when people comment on my picture calling me fat and all sorts of words to do with body sized. I am human and I get hurt like everyone else. I am very open with you all on my page but some sort of respect too would be appreciated. #PositiveVibesOnly.”

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She adds

Last year, she took to social media to share with her fans her transformation having lost 60kgs.

Two years later I never thought I would look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today, I am 66 kilograms from 124 kilograms. It’s not been easy but I made it. In January, I would like to give everyone who wants to lose weight a chance to do it my way and also do it with me.

Anerlisa Muigai

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