Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa Muigai blasts women, terms them bitter over her life

Anerlisa Muigai daughter to Keroche Industries boss, is not a happy woman for what she terms as bitterness from other women for her success.

Like many women, Anerlisa took the bold step of losing weight after battling excess weight for many years, a transformation that has left many women envious and not in a good way.

Anerlisa before and after weight loss
Anerlisa before and after weight loss

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According to Anerlisa, women don’t support their own. On the other hand she believes in empowering women.

She wrote

“I am very aware that most women have grown this bitter side about me.It has grown since I transformed my body, since having a successful business and also the fact that I am always happy no matter what…makes them sad.why is it that women we don’t support other women doing good? I am very strong about empowering women and i believe in positive energy. I also decided to never respond to any negativity said about me, I will always rise above that

Anerlisa 32
The other day on the questionnaire session I stated that no matter what is said about you, never deviate from your main goal and my main goal right now is to make sure that Nero products are all over country and God willing maybe the whole continent. Have a great evening. Looking forward to this week as I have lots of good business ideas, motivational quotes and positive quotes for you all.”

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Here are some comments from her fans including Akothee the self proclaimed president of single mothers.

akotheekenya: Women will never support women because most of them wants to be you or better than you ! They will be the first to body Shame you just to convince their partners who could be your secret admirers that you ain’t aaaal that ! If all women were the same with perfect bodies and with all good lives ! Then you would be tired of their live and support, but because they are completely competing with you!’ Hell no you cant be better than them ! Why you and not them ?
ciiku_madeleine: @anerlisa Keep rising darling… don’t mind haters. You inspire more people than those that hate on you. I admire your business and life ethos and acumen
brianramseycool: Miss Lisa don’t let anyone or anything give you sleepless nights as long as you are yourself and doing the right thing, whoever is jealous of your prowess will bow down before you in shame. Shine brightest Miss Anerlisa and carry the world #women empowerment
hambasa2014: The problem is u address every bad thing that people say about you and u giving them power over your life just kill them with success and silence do u and stop worrying about what people say who supports u …what they think about u….people will always talk
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