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Anerlisa blames ex-husband for speaking about their failed marriage

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai says her ex-husband Ben Pol disrespected their marriage.

In an interview with Tanzanian Media, Anerlisa was asked how she felt about her ex-husband speaking about their failed marriage.

She said Ben Pol did not understand that marriage is not like a normal relationship, but sacred.

“What people do not understand is that marriage is not like a normal relationship. It should be respected, you can not go about talking about marriage. The best thing is to respect it and not talk about it,” Anerlisa said. 

She revealed that they had councellors who warned them against speaking to the public about their marriage.

“You know we went for church teachings and we were told not to talk about marriage and what happens after that..if you break up do not talk about it. It was a bit too much,” she said.

Anerlisa Muigai smiling

Anerlisa said she could not speak much as she did not want to drag the artiste down.

“I would wish to talk much but because of my family and image, I will not. I also do not want to drag him down,” she said.

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