An Instagram influencer’s hair falls out during a livestream beauty tutorial 


A teenager was left devastated after her hair started to fall out in clumps as she attempted to relax her locks while filming the process for a livestream beauty tutorial.

Vlogger Lori Faith, 18, from New York, opened up the horrifying experience in a new YouTube video in which she revealed that she had been left completely bald after attempting to chemically relax her own hair at home, while admitting that she was ‘stupid’ for taking such a risk with such a risky procedure.

‘I did something stupid and impulsive because I thought I knew what I was doing but I actually didn’t,’ she stated in the video. 

Lori showed followers how she often dyes her hair a rainbow of colors depending on what she is feeling or her mood.


In the last three years, her hair has been dyed a rainbow of hues, including yellow, pink and blue.

So it was no surprise when the YouTuber confessed her hair was already damaged from the different chemicals she has used on her locks over the years.

But Lori’s hair took a turn for the worst after she attempted to bleach it last week in order to get rid it of the pink dye that was in it at the time, a process that she also filmed for viewers.

When that attempt to change up her hair color didn’t work, Lori decided to add blue dye into her hair to fix the color, before attempting to chemically relax her locks at home in order to make them look straighter.

She decided to livestream the attempt on her Instagram so other followers would get to see how the process is completed — that was then that disaster struck.

After admitting that she hadn’t had her hair relaxed since ‘she was a kid’, Lori went on to confess that she was ‘f***ing scared’ about the prospect of doing it herself at home, while noting that the chemicals used in the process ‘sting’.  

Lori then started to mix together two formulas that are thought to be both a bleach and a relaxer, thought to be the ORS Olive Oil No-Lye Normal Hair Relaxer, an at-home formula that is intended for use on coarse and resistant hair textures.

The product also states that it contains ‘the nourishing benefits of olive oil’ and does not contain sodium hydroxide (lye), which can be incredibly harmful to the hair.

However, Lori’s decision to apparently combine the product with bleach is likely what caused her hair to begin falling out so quickly; bleach and relaxer both contain chemicals that weaken the hair shaft when used.


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