An inside look at the life of Laura Oyier the serial hotel bill defaulter

Laura Oyier grabbed headlines back in 2015 after she spent her Valentines at intercontinental hotel Nairobi and failed to pay the bill which had accumulated to sh230,000.

The mellow-voiced singer was arrested, arraigned in court and thank God for Radio Africa which settled her bill.

Laura Oyier has been lying low like an envelope for quite a while and it seems she’s away and been busy.

“I’ve been living in  Beijing, China and for this reason, I’ve been off social media as you might know these platforms are banned by the Chinese government. So it’s unfortunate I’ve not been able to post anything out of my shows,” she exclusively told Mpasho.

Laura says she jetted back in the country a few days ago for the holidays and she will be leaving the country soon. Known for her signature eyebrows, Laura Oyier confessed that she learnt her lesson the hard way after she was stood up on Valentines holiday.

“I don’t even think about that anymore. But it affected my brand, ‘handed lemons some people make lemonade, Laura Oyier makes champagne’ she laughs.


“I learnt that when wolves come for you, tell them ‘BRING IT’, with focus you will be a success never fear.”

Laura revealed that she is seeing someone and it’s serious. She has decided to settle down.

“I am seeing someone, someone wonderful but that’s all I can say about our relationship.”

Who knows, maybe she will be walking down the aisle soon.

Laura Oyier

The controversial lady started her own branded water business back in 2015 and she said, her business is still active.

“Water Business is going on. we sell them exclusively at the various show venues everytime I perform.”

Laura Oyier went ahead to advise women who rush to blind dates and she said;

“I generally don’t do blind dates but with all things, one must be careful for sure, maybe go on a blind that’s recommended by people you trust, you know mutual friends, that way your date isn’t totally anonymous if you must go.”

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