‘An embarrassing incidence forced me to start hitting the gym’, Terry Muikamba

Terry Muikamba had a bad experience with her weight.

Terry Muikamba, the gorgeous lass on Classic 105, who hosts the Overdrive show alongside Mike Mondo every Monday to Friday shared one thing that forced her to hit the gym.

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“For the longest time, I have always wanted to work out, and therefore what I do, I started buying clothes, I buy the pants, shoes and so, Over the weekend, there was the premiere of the disconnect movie, I had an invite and therefore I decided, this is a big thing and therefore I had to look good.


It was a red carpet event and she had to look good.

“I put on a nice dress and went to the salon to do my hair.

After my hair was done and I am about to step out, a lady taps my shoulder and told my ‘Excuse me, your dress is ripped’,  I was like does she even know the meaning of that word. I said thanks and touching my back, it was all torn, my behind was out, I am in the salon, my dress is ripped, I need to go for the event. I sat there like ten minutes wondering what to do.

So what happened?

“Luckily, I am a girl and I always have some clothes in the car.  I got a jean trouser, a top and a jacket. I went for a red carpet in jeans and a jacket.

After that, I decided that, I really need to work out. And the thing is, I am always hanging out with my friends and they do not tell me that I am adding weight.”

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