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Weight gain then episodes of depression – Ben Kitili’s wife reveals disorder

Ben Kitili’s wife Amina Mude is a captivating woman with a fascinating story. She recently revealed the ailment she had suffered after she gave birth to her first-born daughter.

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In a series of posts on Instagram, the mother of two disclosed that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2015.

Ben Kitili with his Amina Mude and their kids
Ben Kitili with his Amina Mude and their kids

What happened at the time was that she experienced a sudden gain in weight and this got her depressed, but she is grateful to have discovered her condition early.

“I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in 2015 immediately after I had my daughter. I was experiencing almost all symptoms of hypothyroidism. Depression and severe weight gain were my biggest concern. I was 95kgs from 69kgs. This was followed by episodes of depression. Thank God I discovered that I was hypothyroid. 4 years down the line, I have been able to control my thyroid levels. I am happier and healthier,” she said.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

She also revealed how she manages the issue since the discovery, saying that she had a total lifestyle change combined with proper medication.

“A lifestyle change as well as proper medications has helped me lose 30kgs, from 110kgs to 80kgs. January is thyroid awareness month. In line with creating awareness on my page, I have a support group for anyone living with hypothyroidism,” said Amina.

Ben Kitili with Amina Mude
Ben Kitili with Amina Mude

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone whose main purpose is to run the body’s metabolism. People with this condition will have symptoms associated with a slow metabolism.

Some famous celebs who have suffered this condition are Wendy Williams and Kelly Clarkson.

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