American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

The joy and thrill Maina Kageni felt when he finally met and interviewed American R&B female group SWV, was out of this world.

SWV had a successful career back in the 90s and as of 2015, the group had sold more than 25 million records, making them one of the best-selling girl groups in the world.

The stunning singers were hosted by sensational Classic 105 radio presenter, Maina Kageni on the morning of 17th February, where they looked fresh and excited after flying in the previous night.

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During the interview, the Weak hitmakers revealed a lot of stuff we didn’t know about them, and of course, they mentioned what to expect in their much-anticipated post-Valentine event at the KICC.


The concert is dubbed Valentine’s Throwback Concert will be one of the biggest shows this year, with Blackstreet also performing. This comes after last year’s mega concert where American R&B singers; Mya, Genuwine and 112 graced the occasion.

The bubbly ladies talked to Maina Kageni as they revealed a lot we didn’t know, including their secret to looking so young and pretty years down the line.

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Maina Kageni could not help but ask them how they are able to stay together as a group especially that they are a female band, and one of the reasons they mentioned was because they all live in different states.


On talking about what they are thankful for, they revealed that they appreciate each other every day and the love they have for one another has kept the bond strong over the years.

Another interesting thing they talked about was their reality TV show, which is apparently marred by a lot of drama especially from one member, Taj, who is the chaotic one in the program.

The other thing that surprised me was their confession of going under the knife for different procedures to enhance a few parts of their bodies. How about you listen to the audio below to find out all the juicy details about SWV’s private life…




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