Amber Ray

Amber Ray comes clean after photo of her practising “witchcraft” re-emerges

Faith Makau or as many know her, Amber Ray has been in the news lately after her allged former boyfriend Brown Mauzo started dating fellow socialite Vera Sidika.

But try as she might, her colourful past is also something that Kenyans are still interested in. The mother of one was recently put to task after a photo of her practicing witchcraft re-emerged.

Don’t forget that she was accused of practicing witchcraft at the time by her former co-wife, Aaliyah Zaheer, married to Kenyan business mogul and politician Zaheer Jhanda.

The socialite was married as a second wife to the wealthy Kisii politician Zaheer for close to 3 years with whom they have a son, Gavin.

Some curious Kenyans asked her what she was doing in the photo where she was sitting and holding two chickens: one dark and one white, with her head and body covered in a strange piece of white clothing.

Amber Ray controversial photo
Amber Ray controversial photo

But Amber has had enough of the accusations and dealt with the topic head-on in a recent Q and A with fans with a daring fan asking her, “Why do you use witchcraft?”.

‘If he’s happy’ Amber Ray says after ex Brown Mauzo marries Vera

But Faith handled the question with poise and calm responding with, “I know it’s hard to believe this but I’ve never used witchcraft in my entire life…”

Amber Ray screenshot
Amber Ray screenshot

Her answer wasn’t satisfactory to some of her fans with the general question being, “So how did she end up photographed with two chicken in hand and in such a strange place?”

She further added that she would reveal her side of the story in the future when fans are ready to understand. That wasn’t all the socialite was ready to reveal.

She also touched on the fact that she was dating several guys and not one but refused to disclose these men.

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