Amber Ray

Ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo… Amber Ray body-shamed for having big behind

Amber Ray is a woman with a thick skin. The sheer amount of hate that the voluptuous socialite deals with would cause some mental issues but it seems that they just bounce off of her.

Just yesterday, the mother of one was the subject of an unwarranted attack on her person after she posted an image on her Instagram page showing of her excellent figure in figure-hugging yoga pants.

While most people celebrated her ample aSSets, one troll decided to hate on her. The commenter dissed Amber by questioning her intelligence with a savage statement, saying, “Si ungekuwa tu na akili kubwa kama izo matako zako😂😂”

Amber was having none of the abuse and came back with her own retort telling the man to kick rocks, writing, “Alafu ikose kunisaidia kama wewe?🤣”

Amber Ray

Fans thronged her comment section praising her speedy response and celebrated the way she had handled the cyber-bullying.

It seems that some Kenyans believe that Amber is a soft target for critics as this just past week, she was the subject of vitriol after posting two photos of herself before and after being famous, with the caption ” Tafuta pesa ujue rangi yako… wewe si mweusi” , and most of her fans did not take these words lightly.

Fans bashed her for what they considered to be insensitive words, and viewed her caption as indirectly suggesting that dark girls are not beautiful.

While I understand the response from Kenyans to the colourism comment, the one about her body and brain was unwarranted.

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