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‘I want to be Diamond’s 4th baby mama’ Amber Lulu ready to fight Zari for singer

Despite his many flaws, Diamond Platnumz remains a prize stallion for many women out there trying to upgrade and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.

The Tanzanian musician might only be 30-years-old but has done more in that time than most people will ever achieve. Diamond is arguably the best musician in East and Central Africa, a man whose fame, talent, and work ethic know no bounds, recently attaining the milestone of having his YouTube videos watched more than 1 billion times.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless

But his career success stands in stark contrast with his personal life, with the “Jeje” singer leaving behind devastation in his wake. In the short time span of 6 years, the man has racked up 3 baby mamas and 4 kids, albeit sticking to none, his work his wife.

And with all that baggage, the serial philanderer still draws scores of females to him – like the proverbial moth to the flame.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless
Diamond Platnumz shirtless

The latest victim unashamedly infatuated with the singer is socialite Amber Lulu, who is head over heels in love (lust) with the singer.

Lulu who regularly posts images of a shirtless Chibu on her Instagram page spoke candidly about her crush at the launch of Producer Mocco Genius’ studio in Dar es Salaam.

Amber Lulu in a long dress
Amber Lulu in a long dress

Lulu admitted that she loves Naseeb for two reasons; That he never gives up and second because of his physique.

She went ahead to admit that every time she looks at Diamond´s body, she grows cold feet, her legs become frail and her body gives in.

“Nampenda Mondi (Diamond) kwa sababu ni fighter, hustler lakini pia mwangalie amekata body. Ukimwangalia, unachanganyikiwa.”

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu

She also explained that she is hard at work in the gym trying to get a body that would appeal to the star. And Lulu wants more than a fling from Chibu! She wants a baby from the heartthrob and doesn’t mind sharing him with his 3 other baby mamas, admitting that she actually admires them!

“Akisema ananiona nakubali na natulia kabisa. Sasa hivi najibrand nataka niwe kama Zari na Tanasha. Naenda gym nikae vizuri. Wajua sina mtoto kwa hiyo mimi nataka nizae na Mondi. Naskia Zari anataka kurudi, akirudi tutapambana, tutakuwa wake wenza, tutalea watoto wote.”

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