Allan and Kathy Kiuna together

‘I have the most amazing grandchildren,’ Bishop Allan Kiuna speaks

JCC ministers Bishop Allan Kiuna and Kathy Kiuna have three grandchildren and they are all of mixed race – two granddaughters and Ethan.

Allan and Kathy’s two daughters, Vanessa and Stephanie are married to Caucasian men.

Speaking to Classic 105, Bishop Allan Kiuna says he is grateful that God has given him a chance to see them.

“I was in a conversation with an old man and he told me, ‘I wish grandchildren can come before children.

They are the most amazing people in our lives.

The feeling is something you can never explain. They never want to annoy you and they make us happy.”

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He added that after he was diagnosed with Cancer a few years ago, he did not think he would be in a position to see them.

“There is a time I went through so much challenges of health and I never thought I would be able to see them. So when I see them I glorify my God and they make us happy.”

When they welcomed their latest addition of a grandson in September this year, the elated grandfather Bishop Kiuna shared the good news through a social media post.

“I am just in tears of gratitude to God as we welcome the most handsome grandson in the universe ETHAN ALLAN!”


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