Aligongwa serious! Rich Kid Anerlisa Muigai paid an arm and a leg for mtumba dresses

Anerlisa Muigai shares right about anything with her followers on social media. If she discovers something new, she will definitely let you know about it, which is not a bad thing.

A while back, she revealed that she gets her hair done at Kenyatta Market, something that shocked many people, as she is considered a rich kid. But who said just coz she’s a rich kid, she should do everything rich kids do?

Well, over the weekend, she went on a shopping spree and no. She didn’t go to an expensive store. She shopped at Toi Market, one of the most recognised markets because of how affordable the things are.


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She took a photo with two guys who attended to her, stating that they are really good business men.

She wrote, “Spent my early morning at Toi Market. 😍. These two guys are such good business men,Almost made me buy everything. Wishing you a great weekend.”

Toi Market is really affordable and you can get some things for as little as 50 bob depending on what exactly you are purchasing.

One of her followers who goes by ummanalnawal, commented on the post writing, “I just hope they dint know u were Anerlisa 😘😫 coz if they did they will hike everything and i wont be able to buy my jumpsuit and my crocs anymore😫😫😫😫.”

This basically means that if they knew Anerlisa, they would hike their prices and won’t sell them for the usual price.

Anerlisa went ahead to reply to the lady that the things she bought were over 1000 bob each.


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She replied, “@ummanalnawal the tall guy unfortunately knew me coz at the end he was like ” tuchukue picha utupromote kwa page yako ” I was honestly shocked, din’t expect it. Nothing came below 1000 which was fine because I only imagine how much convincing they have to do to sell one item with such stiff competition around them.”

So was Anerlisa conned because the guy knew who she was? A rich kid from Runda. If you ever shopped in Toi, you know pretty well that their prices are never that high, at least for most clothes especially tops and dresses.

For a thousand bob, you can buy 10 dresses for 100 bob each, 20 tops for 50 bob each, 5 pairs of shoes if they go for 200 bob, 3 trench coats for 300 bob each and 5 trousers for 200 bob each.

So who is fooling who?

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