Alicia Keys’ cute heels got a fan upset for a silly reason


As Kenyans love saying ‘nini husumbua watu?’.

American singer Alicia Keys was out here rocking polka dot stiletto heels, minding her business and sipping water.

But a fan won’t let her be great. The fan on Instagram questioned why Alicia in these streets wearing heels that she claims aren’t practical.

Alicia’s caption about the heels is so cute, one wonders what the beef is.

Stand tall 
Hands on hips 
Feel it all 
Chest out 
Shoulders back 
I am me 💜💜💜
Statin’ facts 
I am me 
There’s only one 
Hot girl vibes
Head to the sun ☀️☀️☀️

Alicia Keys shows off polka dot heels

The follower @naraya_naserian responded in a harsh way

Friendly note: Be honest. Nobody can walk on those heels, let alone run or kick if need be! We can stand tall and be hot girls without’em.  

Here is why Alicia Keys could have been rocking polka dot shoes

Polka dot printed shoes always bring out your joyful side, which we know Alicia to have. Channel a voluptuous pin-up look or a light hearted vibe in one of these cheerful styles.

Alicia Keys has had to defend herself from accusations about her life several times. in a recent Bazaar magazine interview she told the interviewer that

I think women are held to higher standards because we are that much more important to the human race. Women are always going to have to navigate a more difficult space because we occupy so many different levels within it, and that’s how powerful we are.”

Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz

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