Ali Kiba’s rumored girlfriend Jokate Mwegelo admits she wants to get married

Will this be the year that bongo singer Ali Kiba finally gets down on one knee and proposes to Jokate?

It has been alleged that Ali Kiba and Tanzanian video video-cum-socialite Jokate Mwegelo, have been dating on and off for quite some time, but the two have kept off the rumors choosing not to confirm or deny it.

Ali Kiba’s family early last year made it clear to the world that they are ready for their famous son to finally settle down, and they even indicated their choice as Jokate.

Even their fans have been rooting for them to get married and start a family.

Jokate on her part is finally admitting she is ready to settle down. She declared that 2018 is her year to walk down the aisle, but did not mention who her bae is. We certainly hope he is paying attention, and doesn’t let such a fine species get away.

She said:

Oh 2018 bring me my hubby already 😏. I’m ready. ❤️

In the meantime here are sexy photos of Jokate, that we hope her bae will see and get down on one knee.






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