Ali Kiba turns 33 with hopes of reuniting with wife Amina


He is currently ruling the airwaves with his hit song ‘Mshumaa’ that Classics Maina Kageni says is a must listen to.

The song many say is a dedication to his estranged wife Amina, who has been separated from the singer for a while.

In the song, Kiba sings, “I miss you, we will see each other. Even when God plans that I die tomorrow, I believe, we will see each other.”

Adding, “Let me remind you, when I put a ring you, you said you’ll never leave me until I die. Your presence was my being.”


The two split, and it was only after rumors swirled that he addressed the speculation, confirming that indeed his wife left him.

Ali Kiba is celebrating his 33rd birthday and what a year it has been for him.


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