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Ali Kiba denies break up song was about wife, Amina Khalef

Ali Kiba released a breakup song titled “Mshumaa” where he spoke about a woman whom he married, asking her to come back home.

He goes on to remind her of the promises she said to him on their wedding day.

He says even if he dies, he believes that he and the love of his life, will see each other again.

 “Nakumiss. Tutaonana, hata mungu akipanga, nikufe kesho, tutaonana tena. Ifike kesho, waniweke kwa mchanga, nikufe kesho.” (I miss you, we will see each other. If god plans that I die tomorrow, I believe, we will see each other.)

Adding; “Labda nikukumbushe, nilipokuvisha pete, ulisema huniachi mpaka nife. Uwepo wako ndio ulikua wangu uzima.”

(Let me remind you, when I put a ring on you, you said you’ll never leave me until I die. Your presence was my being.)

After the release of the song that is currently on three million views on Youtube, fans believed that Kiba was singing for his wife, Amina Khalef because, at the time, they had marital issues.

He denied the claims in an interview with Millard Ayo, “My wife was a lover of this song even before I married her because I did the song way before I married her.”

Adding “Right now, we are okay but she is there (In Kenya) because she is working. There are a lot of difficulties in marriage sometimes you exchange words and sometimes you laugh and things go well. They are normal things in marriage.”

Music producer accuses Ali Kiba of not paying for song

Previously, Kiba had confessed that he had issues with the wife, hence going back to Mombasa where she was born.

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