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Ali Kiba advises Harmonize about escalating beef with Diamond Platnumz


It was no holds barred when Harmonize returned from his American tour and told about the tribulations Diamond Platnumz put him through.

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize shared details of his contract with former record label, WCB Wasafi and why he parted ways with them.

Harmonize claims Diamond Platnumz never appreciates musicians who become more influential than him. Harmonize said this is the reason why he left Wasafi Records. “Yeye akikutengenezea uadui, mashabiki wake wote wanakukataa na kisha unapotea.” he said.
He also told of a difficult contract as a signee ‘I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60%, leaving me with 40%. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music’
He also added that Diamonds mother Mama Dangote feared he would overshadow Diamond.

Kiba has now weighed in on the drama, advising Harmonize that it is what it is.

‘Mwambie Kondeboy aache kulia aulize wakubwa tunaishije na yule wa tandale’ He laughed off the comment

Diamond Platnumz has pretty much kept off from responding to Harmonizes accusations, but as we know the singer, he does so after much time of reflection. So may be soon he will open up?


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