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Alikuwa kitu! Governor Joho shares photo of himself as a young man

Ali Hassan Joho is the famous Mombasa governor who normally gets Kenyan women all hot and bothered with his stylish and charming demeanor.

The politician recently released a photo of himself when he was much younger and gadem! The man was still as good-looking if not more when he was a youthful sprite lad.

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Kumbe @joho_001 alikua kitu ata akiwa myoung.

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Joho, who appeared to be in his late teens or early 20s looked kind of the same but with a fuller hairline. And in his 40s, women are still falling over each other just to get his attention.

He had on a simple pair of pants a dapper blue shirt which was tucked in. And even though his simplicity, Joho’s charm still managed to show itself.

Ali Hassan Joho in present day
Ali Hassan Joho in present day

What many might not know is that Joho struggled before he became the sophisticated mogul that he is. In the past the politician has described how had life was for him.

On the good days, he would load scrap metal onto lorries, earning Sh90 for the whole afternoon’s work. On Wednesday, he spoke about his experiences while commissioning 28 high-density fiberglass boats for Beach Management Units in Mombasa’

He said;

‘Today, Alhamdullilah, I am the governor of Mombasa. history books will say I am the first governor of Mombasa,” joho said at the same old port where he laid the hard-work foundation for his success.’

Ali Hassan Joho wearing a suit
Ali Hassan Joho wearing a suit

He added;

‘When I vied for mp in Kisauni, people laughed at me. even my own family said I was a joker. only a few friends believed in me.’
The Governor said his determination and ambition pushed him to governorship and will propel him to the presidency.

‘It is because my intentions have always been pure. I have no ill-will towards anybody. that is why I succeed.’

Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish
Ali Hassan Joho looking stylish

Clearly, every successful person that we admire has a backstory that might not be as elegant as we believe.

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