Alaine and Willy Paul together

‘We have great musical chemistry’ Alaine responds to ‘hurt’ Willy Paul

Willy Paul is a master attention seeker and grabber to boot. The man will create a whole fiasco from ashes and in the process thrust himself into the public consciousness.

What has he done now? Yesterday, he lamented the fact that his collaboration partner Alaine had blocked him. Willy accused the Jamaican artiste of abandoning the good friendship that they had.

Alaine in white
Alaine in white

He even told her that he and Nandi were just friends, so she shouldn’t worry anymore. He then told Kenyans to try and get the message to Alaine whom he believed had blocked him.

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Alaine promptly responded by telling the artiste that ‘all would be alright’ and that the relationship they had was all about the music and God’. She wrote;

Willy, Willy, Willy… everything will be alright. It is all about the music, and specifically, all about God. Thanking Him for all His blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves. We know HE has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us a future with hope. We know how far He’s taken us and trust Him with the future. One thing is for sure.. we have great musical chemistry…. so… what do you think 🤔….. one more song??? Let’s unblock some blessings…🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️

Alaine and Willy Paul in the past
Alaine and Willy Paul in the past

The cause for the little hullabaloo has now come to light. The two have a new song together. Willy released the poster for the song on his Instagram page.

The poster for the new song that they are dropping
The poster for the new song that they are dropping

The song titled, Shado Mado is dropping today and shows what a great publicist the singer is. I take my hat off to him. Well-played sensei.

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