Akuku Danger detained over a Ksh 823,000 hospital bill

Churchill comedian Akuku Danger has been detained at Nairobi West Hospital over a bill of over 800K.

According to Sandra Dacha, the hospital management has refused to take collateral so that the comedian can be allowed to go home.

@itsakukudanger the Comedian has been admitted to Nairobi West Hospital for the past two weeks.

He has since accrued a bill of Kshs 823,000/= after deductions from his Insurance and cash deposits.”

Sandra says since the hospital has refused to take the collateral they are offering they have to raise the needed cash

He got discharged Yesterday but the hospital is Detaining him until he pays the remaining balance. 

The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that he can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill which has a higher value than the total bill.

Anyone willing to help in any way please reach us.”

Speaking during an interview with Mpasho.Co.ke he said doctors told his mum to go and wait for him to die.

Akuku now says he has proven the doctors wrong by staying alive long enough to celebrate his 31st birthday.

“When I was 15 the doctor told me, mum, to go home and wait for me to die. He told her they had done everything they could. My mum was a religious person so she kept praying.

I told my mum to take me home and requested that we call the pastor to pray for me, I was in so much pain but It never hit me that I was going to die.”


“After some time my mum was told sickle cell anemia patients don’t live past 18 years but here I am, I am 31.

It is God who gives life and no doctor can dictate when I will die. Akuku recently celebrated his 32nd birthday in the hospital. Please share whatever little you have and let’s get Akuku Danger home.

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