Akothee preaches positivity to her daughters after Rue Baby is body shamed


Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby hit back after being thin shamed on her Instagram on Sunday June 6.

Through her social media account, she penned

“I wanted to say it saddens me to see fellow women out here so strongly ready to body shame .. but then again I think it’s just funny.

You know not all girls are strong to manage body shaming like I am.

So before you go ahead and body-shame someone thinks if the same words were said to your sister or mother how would you feel.”Rue baby 4

Rue went on saying that,

“The saddest part is that  It bothers you but it doesn’t bother me coz am happy with my body so who is disturbed. Anyway to my fellow girls facing body shaming out there. Just remember these are people who envy you and they don’t know how to say it.

So the best thing is to be negative and make you feel bad about yourself. You need to develop thick skin. Don’t let the words get to you. You are beautiful just the way you are darling.

Have a blessed Sunday guys.” Rue posted

Mum Akothee has been quick to support her daughters by writing a special inspiring message telling them if they are ever overwhelmed by society’s meanness, they reach out to her, no matter what.

She reflected that “All that I have ,You have all built yourselves on your own with discipline and integrity, let no one take that from you ”

Akothee also told them to make sure they discuss their thought with her, as a sounding board. “Whenever you feel down , just know I am still Alive call me for a chart
👉When you get pregnant ,please let me be the first to know ,we shall laugh about it and carry our blessing together
👉If you need a hug ,you know where I am ,and always at home COME.”

She also reminded them about her bold advice on men “To All the men Approaching you ,before you engage in any sexually related things ,please get to the nearest hospital ,have both of you checked for all kinds of
Gonokukus ( you know what I mean ) people are not genuine , ( dhano muonyo nyakwar ma , muonyo ok rach ,kaka iyude ema diloki Neko ) better be safe than sorry 💪”



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