Akothee Praises Her Manager As She Bashes Other Men For Not Being True Gentlemen

We all know Akothee as that outspoken lady who will say right about anything and wouldn’t care what anyone has to say about it. She believes in speaking out and never letting anyone step on her toes. You better be careful when you go for her coz she scratches, real bad.

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For a really long time now, it has been rumoured that Akothee and her manager Nelson are in a secret relationship. We interviewed her about two months ago and she laughed at the whole rumour. She revealed that her manager is her bestfriend and she has so many male friends.

Just Friends? 5 Photos Of Akothee And Her Manager That Continue To Fuel Romance Rumours

She travels everywhere with him, which is not a shock considering managers travel with their clients everywhere.

akothee and manager

Akothee has always praised Nelson for being a good manager and keeping up with her even when she’s too much.

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She went ahead to state that he is the only gentleman she’s ever met and the rest are just nothing.

She said, “The only gentleman that I ever met , wengine wote bure kabisa, I have said those that I have met ita polisi, @nellyoaks.”

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