‘I have a mzungu baby daddy who prefers to enjoy his money than to spend on his child’ Akothee slams her baby daddy

Looking at Akothee many would be tempted to envy her life style but it has not been all rosy for the self proclaimed president of single mothers.

Akothee who is a mother of five has had to deal with baby daddies who are not willing to take responsibilities over their kids .

Akothee with her family
Akothee with her family

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She took to her social media to reminisce on when one her mzungu baby daddies took her to court despite the fact that he does not take care of the kids.

“I have a muzungu baby daddy who prefer to enjoy his money than to spend on his child only child , and still expect to fight for access in court and to dictate what I do with my life & the child. Mothers listen to me, baby daddies will only pick your calls with respect if you have collected yourself and doing better than when they left you ! I thank mombasa children’s court we are at peace now, my life and the children are stable! That was a long journey . The children’s court only cares about the child’s welfare not your differences or love triangle!


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The lawyer who adviced my baby daddy to take me to court, see your life , and forgetting he has no one evidence of taking care of his child! The only evidences he has is neglects and irresponsibilities 😂😂 God is seeing you 😂😂😂, wuoyee haki you mislead your client, it’s not fair , but, thank you for bringing peace, it had to come this way . God used you in a different way you lawyers that eat from naive muzungus down in mombasa,giving them false promises as if you own the law , forgetting that families are involved You shall pay in different ways.”

Akothee is known for hitting the nail on the head and from the above it is easy to see the situation most couples get thrown into when children are involved.

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