Akothee narrates how a prominent politician almost s3xually abused her

Akothee has narrated how a prominent Kenyan leader almost s3xually abused her after she went to him seeking for a job, something that haunts her to date.

She spoke about it to educate people especially those who bash her and judge her without knowing what goes on in her life.

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Taking to Instagram she says

“What girl child go through in the darkness is more than opening the legs in public space clean it all.

Some leaders lack basic manners and use offices to lure young girls into as3xual harassment for favours , some are primitive that the only thing they see in a woman is a S3x object.

Young educated girls are in more risks than the ones already in clubs and discos, if you start invading our space as women we shall expose all of you.”


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She adds

“In 2005 I went looking for a job even if its a sweeper in one of the minister’s office, I had met him through a friend we go to church together with.

Everytime I went to his office , I would be the last one to be served, I stayed in the reception the whole day , he went for lunch and came back after 3 hours.

I was still patient  I never got tired , everyday I thought it was my day, so ,the last day after going there for a week ,I finally got to see him about 8.00 pm when everyone had left coz he asked me to stay behind!.

I came in and told him my story and gave him my form 4 certificates, coz thats all I had 🙄 his answer ” you are a brilliant beautiful girl ! then he said he will give me a lift, so we went into his Mercedes-Benz , we drove off.”


Just when she thought that things could not get any worse Akothee adds that the man started touching her indecently

“At about the round about of integrity center, he took his ugly fat hands and put them on my thighs pulling my dress up🙄🙄.

I grabbed his hands and threw it back to him🙄🙄 , he felt offended and put the car besides the road at community and kicked me out of his car 🙄🙄.

It was dark in the middle of nowhere , whatever happened………… MORALS, he didn’t  care whether I got rapped, killed, murdered ! .

I only  had 20 Bob with no phone so there was nothing for thieves, But this was somebody daughter , someone’s mother , some rolemochieth kind of sh*t @veshashillan @rue.baby @fancy_makadia”

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