Akothee looking glam

Meet Akothee’s new handsome manager giving ladies sleepless nights (photo)

Akothee has a knack for creating buzz without the associated controversy (take notes Bahati).

The mother of 5 knows how to keep her name in the news and fans smiling along with her without being the butt of the jokes (take notes Bahati).

Akothee who has a lot going for her; from her music career to her tour business to her farming enterprises is always busy, So busy that she normally has to get bed-rest for fatigue.

Betty-Kyallo-and-Akothee-farm (1)
Betty-Kyallo visiting Akothee on her farm

Yesterday the singer revealed her new manager and her many female fans couldn’t keep calm. Her caption read;


Akothee Brand Manager, Benjamin
Akothee Brand Manager, Benjamin

Whoever said that ladies were not as thirsty as their male counterparts, hasn’t seen the comment section on Madam Boss’ Instagram page.

They just need the right inducement (methinks) for that thirst to emerge.

International baby mama Akothee celebrates her 3 baby daddies in tear-inducing posts

The serious news was met with collective uuhs and oohs by the multitude of female followers on her Instagram.

And I will not lie the man looks good with his beard and bald look on point.

Mark Masai
Mark Masai

Sort of like Mark Maasai on NTV. Some of the best thirsty comments from her fans and followers are below:

ireneuwoya.08 He is so cute🔥🔥🔥🔥mate yananidodoka

truthandfactsonly By the way Nelly oaks disappeared 😅 Mr Benjamin please keep elevating this brand. We love her ❤️

naira_banking 😍😍😍can he manage me😍😍

longp_music He is also chewable Akothee think about it…I love you crazy Akothee😂😂😂😂😂

trussykinky Akothee Abiii you decided to bring us a snack

mis_nancy_tweyn Ule mwingine alienda wapo

aumacaroline Mtoto si mtoto…. personality very important towards marketing…😊

judyskay Waah…aky siameweza😋😋😀
Those who have followed Akothee religiously know that her manager was Nelly Oaks, who also got the ladies talking with his curated mature look.  The singer flaunted their supposed “relationship” online before he stopped making appearances on her page.

Akothee with Nelly Oaks
Akothee with Nelly Oaks canoodling in the past

So does Benjamin take over from Mr. Oaks or is he just the Brand Manager and Nelly the main manager? Stay tuned, we will find out very soon.

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