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Akothee goes HAM on man who told son she was a prostitute

Akothee is one woman who does not like games, especially when it comes to her and her 5 children.

She recently retaliated after a man had told her son, Prince Ojwang that she (Akothee) was a ‘prostitute’.

The man was commenting on a beautiful Mother’s Day post that her son had made for her.

Prince Ojwang's message to Akothee
Prince Ojwang’s had written a message to his mother

The man added that Akothee had conned several men. This made the president of the single mother’s ( as she likes to call herself) unleash the combined power of Thanos and Hulk in her response.

She roasted the man, telling him that he was the product of premature ejaculation. She went on to tell the man that he should live his small life with his big stomach.

Akothee in pink
Akothee in pink

She also accused the man of being broke. She asked the man how could he have such a big stomach and still be broke? And she didn’t stop there. She also finished her brutal rejoinder with the brutal mic drop below,

Big stomach, empty pocket, small brain, and a big mouth, chaii your mother was not a very intelligent prostitute, she ate your school fees and upkeep I know her, she was my running mate!

Akothee on the mic

That is what you get when you try to attack Akothee. Madam Boss (as she likes to call herself) has been in very many tussles before this. Last year, she went toe to toe with Robert Alai and Cyprian Nyakundi; bloggers who don’t pull punches.


This year, after performing in a show in Mombasa, many criticized her stage outfit.

They were unhappy with her and said that she should behave like a role model.

Even during the furor, the singer refused to back down, saying that she would live her life the way she feels like!

The singer was criticised for the way she was dressed on stage

Even Maina Kageni defended her, saying that her critics should let her be.

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