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I will personally castrate you! Akothee to husbands using her name to scare their wives

Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee does not play around when it comes to voicing her discontent. The mother of 5 is on the warpath at the moment.

And what’s her reason you might ask? The wealthiest musician in East and Central Africa according to Forbes is unhappy with married men who brag using her name.

In a lengthy post, the “Sweet Love” singer was upset at those people who were giving out her number to strangers in the name of ‘ I know Akothee’.

She explained that she was always protective of her energy and privacy and she’s had it with men flash calling her number in an effort to get her to call back.

“👉I have never understood why people put celebrities on loud speakers just to prove to the rest of their friends that they are in direct contact 🤔 👉Bitches be out hear bragging ,You know I talk to Akothee directly kwani Mimi ni umbwa nikiongea na wewe unashtuka? Don’t you know we are also human beings who needs to interact with normal people at times 🤔. And also stop handing over phones to strangers ,people I don’t know ,ooh ongea na nani anakupenda, so? This kind of phone calls I drop asap. I am not rude ,but I need to guard my energy. 👉Why do you make me talk to strangers just because you have my number ? How do you want me to relate with them by the way ? Don’t you know how difficult it is to strike a conversation with someone you don’t know and you have never met? Tell me .”

Stop sending me your ugly organs! Akothee complains about men sending her n*des

She went on to say that she had reserved rudeness for men who use her number to threaten their wives with leaving them. She added that some men call her just to show off that she is looking to date them.

“👉They will say I am rude . Ooh when it comes to my privacy YES I AM VERY RUDE 🤭 ujinga ndio Mimi 👉And the Men who use my number and contacts to threaten their wives wakinyimwa, hata Mimi sitakupea., Na ukiachwa ujipange 💪 The day your wife will attack me with stupid things,I will expose your family online .If we are just friends ,let her know we are friends period💪If we are in business put it clear it’s business💪.

Watcha ujinga ya kuniflash ,Then when I call back ,You tell her ,look Akothee is Calling ME 🤔🤔. I CALL YOU FOR WHAT ? Hata wanaume wamekuwa wajinga Sana, ati Akothee ananitaka, wewe nikikutaka ,si utatimua hiyo bibi na uhamie Rongo ama white house? This fake life makes life very different. And difficult. My world getting smaller.”

Akothee explained that while she had been wary of female friendships, that she would also start doing the same with the male friends that she has.

“I was afraid of female friends, now I am also contemplating on Male friends. I will start stopping names of all the men bragging with my name’s to their Wives / friends / colleagues .mahali ujinga yenu inaaishia,yangu inaanza hapo. Tumbafu. hii ujinga ya kunitumia kama scarecrow to your wives itakoma. I personally will castrate and Take you IDIOT.”

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