‘Real mean are making love to their wives , you busy guessing what insults you can give me’ Akothee to Robert Alai

Akothee has finally responded to Robert Alai after he claimed that he knows where she gets hard drugs and also trolling her for a miscarriage she suffered .

She is known for her ‘I don’t care attitude’ and despite the fact that she is being trolled she decided to take the bully head on and here is her response.

“IF this is how COCAINE PRODUCT LOOKS LIKE , then Niongezeni dose please 😂🤣😂 I need more🤣😂😂 Any successful woman is a threat, calm down and choose a struggle , this GOAT can make you hate your life , come slow, my success isn’t the cause of your brokenness LANES LANES 🤣😂🤣😂
They are feeling baaaaaaaaaad ,baaaaaaaaad Real men are making love to their wives , you busy guessing on the ceiling board on what other insult you can give to The GOAT🤣😂 I AM EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO SAY TODAY AND TOMMOROW, the fact still remains , YOUR TBT IS STILL YOUR CURRENT SITUATION 🤣😂🤣😂”

Shock as woman kills her lover , serves his body parts to some workers


‘You look like a product of a failed abortion’ Akothee to Robert Alai

The war of war started after Alai posted the caption below on his social media platform something that has earned him a backlash with many calling him petty.

He wrote;

“The day she killed the children of a mzungu because he couldn’t entertain her sh#t anymore.

She came with her toy boy whose [email protected]@t is also opened as Akothee pretends that is her manager and lover but that thing is Akothee’s  s#x pet who is pimped to depressed wazungus.

Let me keep you guys busy

Want to know who supplies Akothee drugs and more about the family circle?Keep it here.”

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