‘You are wasted mucus’ Akothee to female fan who advised her to ‘punguza pride kidogo’

Akothee has called out a female fan who publicly bashed her for what she termed as exaggerated bragging from the artiste.

The mother of five  is known to hit the nail straight on the head when it comes to people who only have negative energy.

The war of words came about after the fan posted the message below.

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Well Akothee had an answer for her and below is the savage answer after all you kothee hangoji kesho she tells you as it is

“You having a child was a lie you wanted to see how I react , 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
“madam, was I the one in the center? Or you confuse my physic for a man ! What has your status got to do with me ? My list of single mothers is anyway full , we dont have new register we woke up , idiot
2 . About bragging and charity, I dont work for the government so nothing to declare
3. Dont compare my chapter 1 with someones chapter 10
4. I am not here working my ass off to help people , I am working for my stomach and my family , charity comes from ones heart , it’s not a duty ,
5. What have you done to the community other than lying and being a burden to your family ?
Mrs I am 18 years old?
My daughters who are your agemates are busy in school , you are busy getting pregnant with data bundles !
Wasted mucus”

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