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Exclusive: Akothee finally reveals why she finds it hard to date

Akothee may appear as an iron lady to many but according to her there are things that pull her down or make her weak and that thing is love.

That may surprise many given she is considered bold and daring.

Speaking exclusively during an interview she said;

“Love is what puts me down.

Its very difficult for me to date it puts you down as a woman. Hakuna mtu strong kwa mapenzi men find it difficult to get to know me because I find it difficult to open up.

I have got so much going on in my life, five kids Akothee Safari’s.”

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I have carried out 5 abortions, unknowingly killing my twins in the process

In conclusion she advices women to keep off unhealthy relationships

“Don’t stay in unhealthy relationships if you are not happy you are not happy PERIOD.”

Akothee also known as the self proclaimed President of single mothers has never been shy to publicize her kids to all who care to see.

According to her they are the reason for her existence and given a chance she could never change a thing.

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