Akoth to Awino…List Of Luo Names And What they Signify

Luo women are the most expressive beings I know. They say it as they see it.

If you don’t believe me, then you need to meet Akothee a.k.a Madam Boss herself.

Meanwhile, another beautiful jaber from the lakeside called out Nick Odhiambo for saying Luo girls are black like charcoal.

Social Media pundits have come up with a list of female names from the Luo community and what they mean.

AWINO – They are polite and quiet but get pregnant very fast ….nyuol ka oyieyo.
AKINYI – most are beautiful.
APONDI – They talk a lot!
AUMA – They act like they know it all.
ADHIAMBO- Very intelligent.
AMOLLO – They are players.
ADONGO – They are drama queens.
ANYANGO – Cheeky and funny.
ATIENO- They are caring – WIFE MATERIAL.
AJUANG’ – They are very holy and close to God.
APIYO – They love sex a lot.
AOKO – Very choosy and secretive.
AWITI – They love being pampered and coaxed.
ACHIENG’ – No nonsense and don’t entertain bullshit!
AWUOR – Very clean.
AMONDI – They have a big heart and very patient
AKOTH – They know how to LOVE & her love to a man is always sincere

Do you agree with this analysis?

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