Aki Yaooo! 5 Times Maina Kageni Made Kenyan Men Die Of Jealousy (PHOTOS)

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni  has set the bar really high in his career in radio which is what keeps listeners tuned in and entertained.

The Classic 105 radio host has been in the Kenyan media industry for more than a decade and is still going strong years down the line.

How he maintains his youthful looks is a secret he needs to tell us.


The renowned radio king is loved by many and in a recent study, it was revealed that he’s among the list of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya.

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The Manchester United diehard fun recently hosted the Grammy award-winning all-girl group, Sisters With Voices popularly known as SWV and boy band Blackstreet in Kenya for their mega pre-Valentines show at KICC last weekend.


American R&B Group SWV Reveal To Maina Kageni How Plastic Surgery Has Enhanced Their Looks (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Maina Kageni who was the main host of the event, had full access to the R&B superstars, which means he was interacting with them one on one and from the photos we have, the lady singers loved him and really enjoyed his company.

When Maina Kageni shared a photo with SWV surrounding and cuddling him, after their exclusive interview on Classic 105, male fans responded with envy after the attention the radio presenter was getting from the bevy of beauties.

The Proposal Of The Year! How Maina Kageni Made It Happen (PHOTOS)

Other than the studio, Maina Kageni also got to spend quality time with SWV later on and their chemistry made him the envy of every Kenyan man who wished to get the close and flirty with the beautiful and stunning American singers.

Check out these 5 photos that made Kenyan men die of jealous.









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