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Aki I’ve missed you! Maina Kageni returns with sweet message to fans


Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni returned to the airwaves January 11th, and spent the early morning reflecting on the holiday seasons and asking his fans to give their take.

Excited fans called in to tell him how happy he makes them, and I kid you not, Maina was elated and blushing.

One fan began by saying ‘ngai Maian you are back”  to which Maina responded “Happy New Year to you”.

And what is Maina’s New Year resolution? He spoke about it repeatedly saying

“Leo nimerudi tuko pamoja bumper to bumper” he told a female fan who told him that she had missed him so much after calling to welcome him back to work.

Another fan John told him that ” tumekumiss sana, aki how have you been?”

Maina did not hold back and loudly proclaimed his resolution that

“This year upuzi hatutaki ikanyange ikiendaga kabisa. Thank you for calling me this morning and welcoming me back. Happy New year guys aki I have missed you like a problem and a half” Maina said.

Maina also took the opportunity to encourage people to be no nonsense before laughing with a male fan who agreed.

“Upuzi iende huko kabisa” he repeated.

Clearly 2021 is off to a great start. Welcome back to work Maina wa Wangui.

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