Ailing issues Kenyans have put on hold amid the Coronavirus pandemic



Coronavirus is here with us and everyone is running berserk about its ripple effects. Kenyans forget too fast and it’s pretty obvious we have already forgotten about things that have caused pain to us there before. Here’s some of them:

1. Cancer

Before this Coronavirus pandemic, media was awash with special features and programs about the cancer menace that has rocked Kenyans. The number of cancer patients have been on the rise and this created lots of worry. Oncologists made the bigger part of talk shows in the morning and evenings. Where are those guys now? Nowhere to be seen. Every media house is talking about this Coronavirus.

2. Terrorism

Kenya has been hit hard and not once. Al-Shabaab terrorist group attacked malls, university and runway attacks. We lost lives of both young and old Kenyans. Experts on terrorist attacks had much of the airtime and gave us unending theories on how we can counter these attacks. We had security checks in major building; malls, supermarkets and government offices. At the moment, people are having their temperatures taken and hand sanitizers are fixed all over.

3. Public looting

Remember the Kimwarer dam scam that was widely covered by media houses. It led to certain legislatures catching hard feelings as they felt it was a political plan to end peoples political careers. We were treated to all sorts of sideshows, but the money remains unaccounted. All this has taken a backseat as focus shifts to coronavirus.

4. Locust menace

You all remember the desert locusts that were yellow in colour. They invaded our country and caused mass crop destruction as they moved from one area to another. They cost CS Kiunjuri his job as he proved not to have a clue on how to handle them. He was the father of memeology. The locust still remain with us but the media has put it to a hold. In the meantime, it’s all about Covid-19.


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