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Against all odds, this disabled Somali man graduates with top honors in a story full of emotion

A physically disabled student who recently graduated at the top of his class in Somali, has won the heart of the internet after pictures of him crawling to receive his award, emerged online.

The pictures have been widely shared, with many noting how his physically handicapped nature has not deterred him from achieving his lifes dream.

The photos have been shared by Hodan TV, with a simple caption tat read;


Some people take education for granted and some people use all their might to get one! Ismail Raage crawled to get his degree today! He graduated from in

Mowliid A. Hassan‏…He hasn’t only come first in his class but also his Department, Banking and Finance.

Cali C. Macallin‏….Magnificent! I just don’t have words to describe how it makes me feel to see some like Ismail doing amazing things such as getting his degree and prepare to contribute his share of the Somalia we all need to build from the scratch. Thank you @HodanTV for bringing this topic up.

 Ahmed‏ @muhsin_zayda…..Masha Allah. I’m blown away really, can’t find words, . I’m proud of you brother. #respect
Foodey A. Fidow‏ @shaaficara…..Ismail Raage is physically disabled but he is mentally powerful, his disabled did not stop to his dreams, besides Allah, H.E Abdirahman @odawaay was rote of his success, many thanks & Regards our former minister for tireless Social responsibility.

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