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AFRICAN QUEEN: This Is Why Everyone Is Talking About Juliana Kanyomozi

It has been a pretty minute since we heard anything from the queen of Ugandan music, Juliana Kanyomozi. She is loved by many and revered for her mastery in music. She has caused quite the buzz online, this time not for her music but purely for her looks.

She posted new promo photos, it is not clear if it is for a music projects or just a photo shoot she did.

juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi speaks about toughest time of her life

 Here are some of the reactions to the photos by her online fans.

Brenda Kayiwa But they said your pregnant, is it true or it was just lugambo

Atiiku Shiraj Juliana, you are a musician and not a singer and because of that, your exposure is beyond hills and valleys. I don’t want to say anything about your riches and love life, this will be trampling on one’s life. I will not praise your beauty because it is obvious. My only appeal to you as a woman with influence is to help out the girl child. Many girls go out of school due to reasons that are avoidable: early marriage, rape, defilement , pads and many more. What are you doing about it? Lead all women artists to organise a concert and invite all women in leadership to raise funds for this unprivileged girls. Let no man get involved in this.

Musinguzi Gibson Juliana you are quite don’t become a legend please we are missing you in the industry you still have powers don’t let up coming to sit on you ,you were always the best

Hood Senteza Challenges makes you more responsible. Always remember that life without struggle is a life without success. Juliana the most beautiful smile is the one that struggles through tears.

Stellah Naliaka Bosita Unapendeza kweli dada. Wewe ni mwanamke tosha, naenzi muziki wako sana.

Kayaga Hadijah U a beautiful woman but have another kid to replace your beauty, ….

Masika Bridget beauty is your disease princess nowonder

4 ways Ugandan singer Juliana Kanyomozi makes wearing white look amazing

Metrine Nabwire I think ,you were born on a Saturday, that beauty is too much

Musa Mwirungu No she can’t be single or singles am there . magnificent beautiful lovely Queen of Uganda

Nambafu Chrise Still waiting on ur wedding i will contribute ad will even sit on the road just to witness it but if ur ok being single its also fine

Alina Stella JULLIANA KANYOMOZI, The People’s Princess!!! Love Ya’

Nakitende Jessica wooooo my queen u so butofull nd u luke like an angel

Nantumbwe Gloria Mwaaa my diva I will Neva compare u with dogs. My role model I wish I was related to u

Kimsey Kim Wow yes you’re baeuri i like to kiss you 😄

Kiggundu Jungle Master Charles The Number One Most Beautiful Lady In Uganda

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