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Adele tells Vogue her most prized possession is Celine Dion’s used gum


British singer Adele has reveled to Vogue magazine that her most expensive possession is a framed piece of gum that Celine Dion chewed.

She told Vogue on their 73 question segment that she got the gum after telling James Corden got it for her during his episode of Carpool Karoke.

Adele unveiled a framed piece of the Canadian singer’s chewing gum. She said about the gum: “It’s pretty amazing.”

The frame also had a handwritten note.

“James Corden, who’s a friend of mine but also does ‘Carpool Karaoke’ which I did, he did it with [Dion] and knew how much of a fan of hers I was,” Adele explained. “And so he made her spit her gum into a piece of paper and framed it for me.

“And it’s my proudest possession!” she added.

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